14 Best Adventure Places in Delhi in 2022

adventure places in delhi


Be it, anyone, every visitor loves Delhi in its wonderful beauty and unbelievable charm. You will not fall short of adventure places in Delhi. It is because it is the most interesting city in our country. You can come here with anyone you want or even alone.

It has places that will suit anyone and everyone with varied interests. So, if you are a true adventurer and are in Delhi, explore different best adventure places in Delhi and get ready to try out exciting adventure activities in Delhi.

  1. Adventure Place in Delhi NCR- Gurgaon Air Safari

Many of us dream of flying like a bird in the sky and seeing a beautiful environment from above. You can take this opportunity to fly to Gurgaon’s Flyboy Aeropark. At the air safari, you can fly in a small car mounted on a parachute.

This activity will be accompanied by an experienced guide to ensure safety. Air Safari is becoming a truly popular adventure activity that gives you a unique flight experience. If you want to surprise your partner with special arrangements such as flower showers and romantic love messages, you can turn your love story into something special here.

  1. F9 Go-Kart in Gurgaon

Join the Go-Kart Race and have an exciting experience with your friends. A go-kart, considered one of the most amazing adventure activities in Delhi, is a must-see.

There you can choose from a variety of packages. Have fun with friends and family, break speed records, and surprise everyone with great driving skills.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Noida

Would you like to try something adventurous while in Delhi? Sky Waltz in Noida is your place for go-to place for a Hot air balloon ride. You will witness the most magical colours of the sunset scene.

You will also get to see the city from the above. This will be one of the best adventure places in Delhi to propose to someone. It will be the most unique and thrilling experience of your life.

  1. Awara Adventure Farm, Sohna

Developed on agricultural land, Awara Adventure Farm is one of the most adventurous places in Delhi. Surrounded by beautiful Aravali hills, the farm offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities making it a hub of adventurous activities in Delhi.

  1. South Campus, Indian Mountaineering Foundation

Climbing artificial stones may not be as cool as climbing Everest. But if you’re looking for an adventure place in Delhi, the Indian Mountaineering Foundation Center on South Campus is the perfect place. Artificial rock climbing evokes excitement and adventure and tests your fitness and willpower.

  1. Damdama Lake Resort, Sohna-Gurgaon Road

It is a place where you will find your home. But it will also make you remember your home with its adventurous activities. Its location is on Damdama lake. Its beauty is enhanced as Aravalli hills surround it from all sides. It is one of the most famous tourist places in Delhi.

  1. Camp Wild, Dhauj, Faridabad

It is one of a kind adventure camp. Camp Wild provided eco-friendly hotels and safari tents. It has a long list of adventure activities to entice you. It is one of the most adventurous places of Delhi and is used by magazines and news channels, and MTV-Roadies.

  1. Paragliding in Gurgaon

Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird in the sky? Paragliding is your go-to option. Though the height may make it fearful for you, you will feel very alive. The guide will provide you with the required instructions and be there to ensure you have the best flight experience of your life. This beautiful and one of the most adventurous places in Delhi will surely captivate those seeking thrills.

  1. Flying Fox, Neemrana

In addition to beautiful places, Nemlanana is one of the best adventurous places in Delhi NCR. Another way is a better way to test the spectacular Nimlanana. There are five zip lines, each with its own name, and you can see the city pine views. You jump over Neemrana with 150 meters and imagine your experience!

  1. Paintball, Lock and Load

Out of all the adventurous activities in Delhi, Subhash Nagar’s Pacific Mall is enthralling. If you want to relieve your stress, there is no other better option than attacking with colour! It refreshes you. Bring your gang, who is always planning something infamous, and start your adventure.

  1. Off-Road in Gurgaon

Off-Road Adventure takes you to a world of adventure where you can enjoy activities such as ziplines, wall climbing, go-karting and paintball. All of these activities are great opportunities for you to test your skills and have a great time with your loved ones.

You can also spend the day with the kids here as there is a kids zone where kids can show and enjoy their skills. So visit here to satisfy your thirst for adventure and enjoy the thrill of life.

  1. Bungee Jumping, Sainik Farm

Bungee Jumping is a lot of fun if you’re not afraid of height! What we’re talking about here isn’t that small jump. Imagine you are 170 meters above the ground and see the lush land beneath you. That’s what you can do with a bungee jump in Wanderlust Adventure Sports. It is one of the best adventure places in Delhi.

  1. ATV Rides, Malpura

It is an all-terrain vehicle and a quad bike for all bikers, out of all the activities, the amazing adventure activities in Delhi. It’s another adventure that will surprise you! Trainers are there to teach you how to control it and ensure that you hear everything they say for a safe ride quality!

  1. Joygaon, Jhajjar

Joygaon offers ethnic village culture, activities, food, dance, music, and modern indoor and outdoor gaming experiences. You can also plan accommodations, company meetings, and meetings at Joygaon. A beautiful village resort where you can enjoy the joy of being surrounded by nature.

Hence, these are some of the best adventurous places in Delhi that you should not miss visiting. These activities will help in your overall personality development and also work as a stress-buster.

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