Top 10 Things To Do in Delhi with Friends

things to do in Delhi with friends

Actually, the Things to do in Delhi with Friends, India’s capital city, may appeal differently at first glance, but it does develop a charm over time. One of the unique cities on earth is Delhi, which combines history and modernity, mesmerizing people who visit it.

Delhi attractions feature forts, palaces, gardens, temples, mosques, and other historical sites; there are also exciting nightclubs, international cuisines, fantastic shopping opportunities, and beautiful culture to explore during your stay.

Here are some of the interesting fun activities in Delhi for adults and top things to do in Delhi for youngsters if you plan to visit soon.

1. The Things To Do in Delhi with Friends To Take a Guided Walking Tour And Closely Observe Delhi Locals

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends


Join an incredible walking tour led by easy guides to experience the city’s ‘other side of life as it’s not just all about significant buildings, shopping, and dining in India’s capital. You’ll uncover hidden passageways and corners of the city that most tourists never see, all while learning more about city life.

“Delhi might appear to be an unfathomable maze of traffic, noise, and chaos for first-time visitors”

However, once you’ve gotten used to the crowds and commotion, you’ll discover a dynamic and intriguing city with layers of history and enough activities to keep you busy even if you come back again and again with Delhi tourist places list.

2. Pay A Visit To India Gate Entry Point To The Capital of India 

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

India Gate is known for its imposing construction, stunning sandstone fountains, and lush grounds. It is one of the prominent monuments in India and one of the first attractions on most visitor itineraries.

Lutyens designed the gate to honor the tens of thousands of Indian troops who perished in World War I and the fight against the Afghan war.

“India Gate is located in the heart of a vast park that is kept open most of the time and free entry”

It’s a favorite picnic site for Delhiites, and it’s frequently crowded, so it’s a fantastic place to people-watch.

3. Visit The Lotus Temple, A Floral Architectural Masterpiece  

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

The Lotus Temple is a must-see tourist attraction in Delhi because of its distinctive construction. The Lotus Temple, a haven for people seeking peace, is one of Delhi’s most identifiable attractions.

“The Temple was meant to replicate the shape of a lotus flower with 27 marble petals

Although the temple is devoted to the Bahá’s, individuals of various faiths gather to worship here. Indeed, its structure will make you think about the heights of modern construction and architecture. By leaving your shoes outside, let’s be a bit spiritual side by side and spend some time in the wonderfully groomed grounds.

4. Relax And Calm Your Inner Soul At Lodhi Garden 

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

The beautiful Lodi Garden in Delhi is great for those looking to get away from the city’s bustle. This lovely park is regarded as one of Delhi’s most popular hangouts. At the Lodi Gardens, you’ll discover a diverse range of people, from influential lawmakers to an impassioned teenage crowd.

The garden was builtto house the graves of Lodi and Sayyid kings, but they are best known as a welcome oasis of green amid a concrete jungle. Sikander Lodi’s and Mohammed Shah’s tombs are also well worth visiting. There’s also the Athpula, an old eight-pierced bridge that goes back to Emperor Akbar’s reign.

5. Spare Some Time at Humayun’s Tomb For a Historical Glance

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

The Tomb of Humayun is a must-see sight in Delhi. The most beautiful and wonderfully proportioned tomb in Delhi is Humayun’s Tomb. The mausoleum has been designed to appear to hover above the lovely gardens that surround it.

“The Tower, which was built for the Mughal emperor Humayun, dates from the mid-16th century”

It has Mughal and Persian influences and is well worth seeing. The whole complex is built according to Islamic geometry norms, emphasizing the number eight.

The Isa Khan Mausoleum, regarded as one of the outstanding specimens of Lodi-era architecture, is located to the right of the complex. You can travel back to history in your deep thinking.

6. Go To Qutub Minar The World’s Highest Brick Minarets

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

The Qutub Minar provides the unique experience it provides, is a fantastic example of Indo-Islamic architecture and is referred to as the world’s highest brick minaret. It has five unique floors, each of which is covered in Koranic texts and beautiful decorations. The site is littered with old ruins and temples, and the architectural splendor is simply breathtaking.

“The Ashokan Pillar, an iron column estimated to be around 1600 years old”

The Quwwat-ul-Islam, India’s earliest mosque, are also major tourist attractions in the area. Qutub Minar surroundings offer lot many fun things to do in Delhi with friends

7. Explore The Red Fort That Host The Freedom Day Celebrations

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

The Kohinoor diamond is claimed to have been used in the internal decorating of the fort. The Red Fort of Delhi, also known as Lal Qila, is a Mughal stronghold protecting a historic city.

Tourists are welcome to see the city’s old mosques, architecture, halls, and structures and learn about the city’s rich history during the Mughal Empire. This gigantic fort may be a ghost of its former glory, yet it is renowned for generating majestic sentiments and reminding tourists of Delhi’s grandeur.

Even though the invaders removed most of the precious stones and gold that previously adorned this fort, the fort’s remarkable architecture nevertheless manages to stand out among the numerous historic wonders scattered around the world. This is one of the Topmost things to do  in New Delhi 

8. Visit AksharDham Temple

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

The Akshardham Temple, consecrated in 2005 and is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s ‘biggest comprehensive Hindu temple,’ is a relatively new addition to the capital’s collection of monumental architecture. The Akshardham Mandir complex includes an artistically adorned central temple building, exhibition rooms, a water fountain, and beautiful gardens.

“It took 11,000 Artists 5 Years to create, and It is believed that 70% of all tourists visiting Delhi now visit the site”

The Akshardham Temple proudly displays the country’s rich architectural heritage with a profound spirituality. Since its inception, it has swiftly established itself as one of Delhi’s must-see attractions.

9. Shopping Sprees In Delhi Local Markets 

Delhi is undoubtedly one of India’s top shopping destinations, and it is a location where you can find almost anything. It provides opportunities for many activities to do in Delhi.

While there are now some more affluent and glamorous locations to visit, traditional marketplaces and bazaars remain the most genuine and atmospheric sites. Each market and shopping area specializes in different things; the challenge is to identify what you want to buy and what kind of experience you want before choosing a market.

Dilli Haat is a big market that sells Indian handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, and saris. Paintings, leather, shoes, and fake jewelry may all be found on Janpath. A renowned backpacker enclave is across the road from New Delhi Station in Paharganj.

10. Relish The Local Street Food 

things to do in Delhi with friends
things to do in Delhi with friends

Trying Delhi’s Street cuisine is an adventure in itself. Experiencing Delhi’s native cuisine. A thali is one of the various forms of Indian food best to try . Food is an essential element of Indian culture, and Delhi is the most excellent place to learn about it.

“Delhi has practically everything, from affordable lunches to elaborate feasts in (relatively) costly eateries. Try Golgappa, Chat, and Pav bhaji, as well as a complete traditional thali – a platter of food that includes bread, rice, and a variety of accompaniments”

When it comes to street food, there’s no reason to shun it totally, but be cautious about anything that has been sitting out in the open for an extended amount of time. You can have supper at a restaurant like Karim’s Restaurant, which used to produce royal cooks for Mughal monarchs, and try meals like Chicken Korma, Mutton Burra, and Seekh Kababs.

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