Top 10 Best Places To Visit in India

India is a canvas of beauty and color that runs through various aspects  of life. From unique cultures to international style destinations, India is a country for everyone. If you are looking for a trip within your budget, there are many backpacker spots in India as you like.

Are you looking for a king-size holiday suitable for your royal cravings? There are many places to visit in India that have marvelous instances in this world. It comprises heritage spots, luxury trains, boutique hotels, and other unimaginable attractions. If you are stressed about your life, then you can visit this country to find some relaxation and rejuvenation.  

It depends upon your choices and priorities as to which places you want to add to your itinerary. There are high chances of you getting a visa, so don’t worry about it. You can easily apply for a visa to enter India. 1.69 million Tourists visit India on a visa every year. Looking for a destination to add to your list?

 Listed below the top 10 best places to visit in India 

  1. Goa

Among the endless things to do on your list before getting married, Goa is one of the best tourist places in India that can offer you the opportunity to accomplish at least half of them. The area has 30 different beaches, unique churches, interesting nature, adventure activities, last but not least, and endless nightlife. This is a land of liquor everywhere, and there is active life on a minute-by-minute basis. Why don’t you try scuba dive or soak in nature at a spice plantation or trek?  

  1. Leh
best places to visit in india
best places to visit in india

It is where all the adventure takes place. Obsessed with the three highest passes that can be climbed by car; the area is renowned for its endless snow and dry adventure activities. Leh and the surrounding area are famous for their unique culture, peaceful monasteries, wonderful nature, and, most importantly, hospitality. If you need nerve-stimulating adrenaline, it’s a great place to get it.  

  1. The Andaman Islands

This place is a collection of small islands, each famous for its beaches and unique water activities. You can enjoy various water sports here, such as scuba diving and boat trips. Here you will witness beautiful culture along with endless entertainment on this wonderful beach. It is one of the major tourist attractions in India. If you love thrills, you will enjoy various water sports here. Are you up for some adrenaline rushing? 

  1. Varanasi 

Along with the aesthetic view of Ganga Arti amidst its cool waters, you will get to know a lot about varied Indian cultures. Various places exist in one of these unique places to visit in India. Since the residents here have lived here from generation to generation, you will understand many things by simply talking to them. Varanasi holds numerous alleys filled with temples. If Buddhism interests you, you can go to Sarnath, a Buddhist pilgrimage. There are also 88 different Ghats on the other side of the Ganga river.  

  1. Agra
best places to visit in india
best places to visit in india

If you are coming to India, you cannot go back without witnessing the symbol of love. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and hence one of India’s most important tourist attractions. The Marble Mausoleum, a marvel of the Indian world, is the tourist center of India. Agra is not just the Taj Mahal. On today’s Agra Sightseeing Tour, Agra is the showcase of the Mughal dynasty. This tourist destination, filled with numerous unique buildings in the Mughal region, attracts millions of people each year. Remember to shop while you are in Agra. The easiest way to get to Agra is through the Golden Triangle Tour. You will get numerous tour guides to take you to Golden Triangle Tour.  

  1. Thar desert

Out of all the Indian tourist places, this is a  kind of dry destination o located in Rajasthan india. This vast desert is renowned for its luxurious camps, camel safaris and challenging adventure activities. Many service providers can run cultural programs on sand carpets or enjoy a romantic moonlit dinner on the warm sand. 

  1. Rishikesh

 Yes, located on the Ganges, this is another spiritual destination and a great place to visit in India. But that’s just one of Rishikesh’s faces. Unlike other Indian tourist spots, it is very well known for meditation, yoga, and other relaxation activities. Along with its natural ambience, you can also enjoy zip-lining, bungee jumping, and rafting.  

  1. McLeodGanj

Among the various places to visit in India, it is not very famous. It has numerous mountains around it, making it a very calm place. It will fill you with rejuvenation and positivity. Besides the monastery, this place is also known for many unique trekking trails. Are you looking for a remote place for your vacation and the best place to visit in India? Visit McLeodGanj. 

  1. Coorg

 India has a long list of summer resorts with different themes and styles. Just like other places to visit in India, even this place is mountainous. It has been given the name “Scotland the East” because of its soothing surroundings. Several tourist points, flora and fauna, will enchant you. 

  1. Jim Corbett National Park

If you have a love for animals or are a wildlife photographer, you must visit this unique place in India. You will get to see animals such as tigers, deer, and bears, among several other endangered species. It would be best if you also tried going to the Jeep Safari here. The peace in the forest will make you ready for the hectic life of work life. And hence, it will be the best trip of your life to the topmost national park. 

Hence, these are the best places to visit in India. You can do more research about them and plan out your memorable visit to this beautiful country. It is a house for people, so don’t worry if you feel that something is not of your interest. You will always find someplace to visit that interests you. 

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